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5 Meter Extension for solar panel Camping kits, This extension will add 5 meters to your solar panel kit and can be combined with other extensions for longer distances.

Please note that this extension is for the cable and includes 2 x Anderson plugs on each side, so that the extension can be used in conjunction with other extensions, or to connect the panel to a battery pack.

  • SKU: CC5
  • Brand: Camping Solar Panels.
  • Length: 5m.
  • Anderson Plug: Yes, 2pcs.
  • Anderson Rated current (Amp): 50A.
  • Anderson Color:: Grey.
  • Total Weight:: 1.5Kg.

5 Meter 6 mm² Heavy Duty Insulated (KBE DB EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K)(up to 1500V) solar cable with Anderson Plugs to minimize voltage drop.


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